Zanzibar: 2010 Constitutional referendum results

Updated August 2010

The referendum was held on 31 July 2010.

Referendum issue and question

The voters were asked to approve a constitutional amendment that would allow for two Vice Presidents, the first to be allocated to the main opposition party in the House of Representatives and for a power sharing arrangement whereby ministries in the Revolutionary Government would be allocated according to the number of seats won in the House of Representatives. The post of Chief Minister would be abolished. The question asked of voters was "Do you accept the new Government structure after the General Election 2010?" (ZEC 2010).

Voting statistics

Registered 407 669
Total votes 290 670
% Turnout 71.30
Valid votes 281 993
Spoilt ballots 8 677
% Spoilt ballots 2.99

Table source

ZEC 2010.

Poll results

Option Votes % Votes
Yes 186 669 66.20
No 95 324 33.80
Total 281 993 100.00

Table source

ZEC 2010.


ZANZIBAR ELECTORAL COMMISSION (ZEC) 2010 "Country Result Form: National" (click "View Report", [www] [opens new window] (accessed 2 Aug 2010).