Madagascar: Election archive

Main electoral trends (1956-2009)

EISA Executive Director Denis Kadima met with CENI Chair Hery Rakotomananato  to discuss civic and voter education

2018 Presidential elections

1st rnd: 7 Nov 2018; 2nd Rnd 19 Dec 2018

Final results
Election Observation Statements

2013 Elections

Presidential (first round): 23 Aug 2013
National Assembly & Presidential (second round): 20 Dec 2013

EISA documents


Final presidential results
Election Observation Statements

2010 Constitutional referendum

Polling day: 17 November 2010 (postponed from 12 August 2010).
Provisional results overview
Provisional results by region [PDF document].

2007 Polls

Voter registration 2007

2007 National Assembly election

Nomination day: 14th August 2007
Campaign period: 8 - 22 September 2007
Electon day: Sunday 23 September 2007

Election results
Post election instability
Constituency delimitation and seat allocation

Technical Team Report [PDF document]
Technical Team Press Release

2007 Constitutional referendum

Referendum results

Draft Constitution [French and Malagasy]: [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).

2006 Presidential election

Election results
Candidate disqualifications

Election Observer Mission Report Presidential Elections 2006 | Mission d'observation Electorale Rapport Elections Presidentielles 2006 [PDF document]
EISA Déclaration provisoire
EISA observer mission communiqué | EISA observer mission arrival statement

SADC Parliamentary Forum Interim Statement, [www] Interim%20Statement%20Madagascar(final).doc [MS Word document] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).
LA FRANCOPHONIE 2006 L'élection présidentielle du 3 décembre 2006 à Madagascar: Rapport de la Mission d'observation 27 novembre au 7 décembre 2006, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 5 Jul 2010).

2002 National Assembly election

Election results

EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT 2003 Report on the mission to observe the parliamentary elections held in Madagascar on 15 December 2002, [www] 20021215_madagascar_en.pdf [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).
SCHUMANN, B 2003 Madagascar National Assembly Elections 2002, Nordem Report 04/2003, [www] [opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).
LA FRANCOPHONIE 2002 Rapport de la mission d'observation des élections législatives anticipées du 15 décembre 2002 à Madagascar, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).

2001 Presidential election

Election results
2001 election dispute

MOSER, C 2004 "Poverty reduction, patronage or vote buying? The allocation of public goods and the 2001 election in Madagascar" [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).

1998 Polls

National Assembly results
Referendum results

1996 Presidential election

Election results

LA FRANCOPHONIE 1996 Rapport de la mission d'observation de l'élections présidielle du 29 Décembre 1996 (2e Tour), [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 4 Mar 2010).

1995 Constitutional referendum

Referendum results

1992/3 Polls

1993 National Assembly election results
1992/1993 Presidential election results
1992 Referendum results

RAZAHDRATANDRA, Y 1993 Mission d'observation du second tour des élections présidentielles à Madagascar : scrutin du 1O février 1993, Fédération internationale des droits de l'Homme, [www] [PDF document, opens new window] (accessed 6 Jul 2010).

Polls during the Second Republic (1975-1990)

From 1975 until 1990 no parties or political groups were permitted except those affiliated to the National Front for the Defense of the Revolution (FNDR, Front National pour la Defense de la Révolution—FNDR) which was dominated by the ruling Vanguard for the Malagasy Revolution (AREMA, Avant Garde de la Révolution Malgache).

1989 Presidential election results
1989 National People's Assembly election results
1983 National People's Assembly election results
1982 Presidential election results
1977 National People's Assembly election results
1975 Referendum results

Polls during the First Republic (1960-1975)

1972 Referendum referendum results
1972 Presidential election
1970 National Assembly election results
1965 National Assembly election results
1965 Presidential election
1960 National Assembly election results