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Mozambique: Election observation reports and statements

Policy Briefs: As Relações Interorgânicas no Âmbito da Governação Descentralizada

Ericino de Salema (ed) 2020


Electoral legislation

  • Pacote de Legislação Eleitoral e dos Órgãos de Governação Descentralizada, Jul 2019
  • A reforma constitucional e da legislação eleitoral autárquica - 2018
  • Mozambique's Electoral Laws - 2004 General Elections
    The object is to provide easy access to some of the most important aspects of the legislation that will govern the presidential and legislative elections in Mozambique in 2004. The manual is intended as a support tool to be used as an introduction and not to replace the laws and regulations . Annexures contain Electoral Law, no. 7 (2004); no. 19 (2002) and 20 (2002)
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  • Cover: A reforma constitucional e da legislação eleitoral autárquica - 2018 Legislacao Eleitoral de Mocambique - Eleicoes Gerais de 2004
    The same as the above, except in Portuguese
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  • Leis e Regulamentos sobre Eleicoes Autarquicas de 2003 em Mocambique/ Electoral Legislation and Regulations for Mozambique's 2003 Municipal Government Elections
    This handbook comprises both Portuguese and English versions of the laws and regulations that will determine the 2003 local government elections in Mozambique. Commentary is complemented by the texts of the appropriate legislation
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  • Electoral Laws and Regulations, Mozambique Elections, Tom Lodge, 1999
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Book chapter

Denis Kadima and Zefanias Matsimbe 2006 Chapter 5 RENAMO União Eleitoral: Understanding the Longevity and Challenges of an Opposition Party Coalition in Mozambique, IN Denis Kadima (ed), The Politics of Party Coalitions in Africa, pp 111-146