EISA’s work, in pursuit of its vision, has produced a number of resources available to practitioners in the field of democratic governance in Africa, including:

  • Journal of African Elections is an accredited, interdisciplinary, biannual publication of research and writing which seeks to promote a scholarly understanding of developments and change in Africa.
  • EISA’s Publications provide useful information for policy makers and academics and are in constant demand throughout the continent; most can be freely downloaded as PDF files.
  • EISA’s growing Library totals some 65 000 items relating to elections and democratisation, mainly African material, but other countries are included for comparative purposes.
  • The African Democracy Encyclopedia empowers workers in the field of electoral reform and democratic governance by providing essential, accurate and timeous information.
  • The APRM Toolkit organizes key documentation, data and reports on the APRM in a rational and easily accessible manner for actors in civil society and elsewhere interested in the APRM.