EISA DRC: Goodwill message on 20th Anniversary


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EISA resumed its activities in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), on the 15th June 2015 within the framework of the implementation of a 24 month project in support to 11 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). The overall aim of the Projet de Renforcement de l’Observation Citoyenne des Elections au Congo, mostly referred to by its acronym PROCEC, is to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of citizen election observation in the DRC by strengthening the knowledge, skills, and tools of local CSOs to understand, observe, and analyse all technical aspects of the electoral process, as well as by enhancing their capacities to become key players in electoral reform advocacy. This project is funded by European Union (EU) and is run by a consortium of international non-governmental organisations, which also includes Democracy Reporting International (DRI), with EISA being the consortium leader.

Since its implementation, PROCEC has given these CSOs the necessary knowledge and effective tools to influence the electoral cycle and to promote the holding of credible elections, and the consolidation of democracy in DRC.